Friday, August 3, 2007

Jansen the Doula

They say a labor coach is patient and flexible. Gentle and strong. Responsive and able to lead. The labor coach is not there to force or demand anything of the mother, but to serve the needs of the mother as she labors. So, naturally, we thought of Jansen in our search for one. I bring you...Jansen the doula:

By the way, before you all start sending me recommendations and resumes, I'm not really looking for a labor coach. :)


Anonymous said...

yes! i love it.

JoDeane said...

hire that kid out!

stevenellie said...

I love it too, Jensen is so cute.
Peter was in the room for part of my labor with Marie since she came so fast. Steve kept saying "Good Job" to me so Peter started saying it too.

Leavitt Family said...

That made m day.