Saturday, August 4, 2007

My Blackberry Boy

Ever since I heard about the berry picking out here I have wanted to go...and so Friday we did! It was a hot muggy morning but we had a great time with a bunch of girls from church and their kids. I was surprised at how much Jansen loved the blackberries and was worried we were going to have to leave the patches because he was eating so many! But he slowed down and had fun just hanging out with the other kids. No big plans for my blackberries...we'll probably just snack on them or put them on vanilla ice cream.


Anthony said...

The blackberry tends to be red in color during its unripe ("green") phase, hence the old expression that "Blackberries are red when they're green.

The Hawes said...

jess, if you think blueberry picking is fun you should try mushroom hunting next, i am sure there are mushrooms there somewhere, with the humidity and all. all you need is a basket and a knife and a forest. just make sure jansen doesn't eat the poison mushrooms.