Thursday, August 16, 2007


The story I'm about to share is embarrassing to say the least. But I have a sense of humor and hopefully you do too. So last night a little after 3 in the morning we had a big thunderstorm: lots of wind, rain, lightning, etc. I was having a hard time sleeping through it because 1. I was a little nervous being home alone...Nate had recently left for work and 2. I was pretty consumed with the idea of going into labor soon. (This story has not helped my anxieties. I don't think Jansen would be much help...) To pass some sleepless time I was on Nate's laptop looking at various things and came across the American Pregnancy Association's Signs of Labor. As I glanced down at number one and saw "Lightning" I could not believe my eyes. I thought to myself, lightning is a sign of labor! And we are having a huge lightning storm outside! Now this is where my foolishness stops and I laugh out loud at myself because I realize it says "lightening" (which is when the baby drops deeper into your pelvis) not "lightning." This all happened in a matter of seconds and mind you it was 3 in the morning. So take it easy on me as you think to yourself HOW DUMB I AM!!! But I had to share it.


Heather said...

Awesome story, thanks for sharing! I might've believed it too at 3AM all alone. I heard on my hospital tour that full moon is the time when more women have their babies, and also during storms because of something to do with the pressure. Funny stuff. Please call if you need any help!

kiki comin said...

LOVE IT! haha...I'll have to find some way to make a funny gift idea out of that story! I really do think this should be added to you and your husbands book of stories!(I'm telling you, if you don't write it, I might, and make money off of it!):)

Ang said...

You realize, given your genetic makeup and the fact that you are related and named after the womam for whom we have coined (is that the spelling?) the phrase, "Robinisms", it is not the least bit surprising that you mixed up those two words. Actually, I am proud of you because they are so very similar and could easily be confused, unlike the girl that Scotty took out whose name was Nicole and mom kept calling her Erika. Not even close. So, as far as the family goes, you are doing great!