Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My Birthing Suite Awaits...

I was looking online to read a little bit about the hopsital I will be delivering at and came across this section on my "birthing suite." I thought it was so funny. It sounds like an excerpt from or something.

"Birthing Suite: Our labor and delivery unit features private birthing suites for labor, delivery and recovery. These spacious suites include:
- A private bathroom with gentle massage shower or bath
- A sofa bed and gliding chair
- An entertainment center and stereo with tape and CD options
And that's only the beginning. Our suites are also equipped with leading edge medical technology, including a fetal monitor that allows mother and baby to be monitored as the mother walks the hallways, allowing her to remain mobile.
Complete with a
virtual tour!"

Wow huh? I bet I will ENJOY being in labor if I get to do it in one of those rooms! Hah hah. Tonight the baby had the hiccups and it was so fun to feel. I had forgotten that they can get the hiccups and I thought she was just kicking and kicking. Only 6 more weeks!

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