Monday, July 23, 2007

Black Treats and Headbands

I am getting such a kick out of Jansen lately. He's really learning a lot of new words and putting two or more together like "more milk" or "big truck." And he's really into colors too. With that said, last night I gave him some chocolate chips for an after dinner treat. He ate them up pretty quickly and then called to me, "More! More black treats!" I thought that was hilarious. Black treats...the new name for chocolate chips at our house. And this one is kinda gross but he also said, "big poop" yesterday. I'm sure you can guess what he was trying to tell me with that one. I think he remembered that phrase from yesterday morning when we were on a walk and came across some horse manure on a bridge. Okay, enough of that.

I really hope this baby IS indeed a girl. For one, that bedroom we painted is REALLY pink. And for two, I am having a lot of fun making some headbands and bows for her. Well...I've actually only made one. But I plan on making more and am really excited about it. Here's a picture of one I made today:

I was going to have Jansen model it, but if Nate saw that on the blog he would be really upset. Sheesh.


Anthony said...

I think i remember punkys friend cherry, wearing that same headband.

Landon & Kara said...

Aren't those headbands such a fun and quick project?! Your baby is going to be so cute!

kiki comin said...

i love cute.

Cara said...

Soo cute. If it's for Natalie, I hope you used XL tights-- bc didn't you say Jansen has an above average size head? You should be so proud. I hope you make matching ones for yourself and sport them on Sun.