Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pure Bliss

It seems that I underestimated my mother's computer and it is quite easy to blog and even post pictures on it. Hooray! We had such a great time in ID and when I have access to the pictures we took (they are on Nate's laptop and he is in Texas) I will post them.
Jansen has discovered the Push-Up. Here are some pictures of him destroying while enjoying a Scooby Doo Push-Up Pop. They are so artificially flavored that they don't even taste good...and I am not real picky about my sweets...but he sure seems to like them. We are having a great time here in Utah. It's so hot! But there are lots of things to do to help us cool off. Enjoy these adorable pictures!


Cassidy said...

I love push pops. Looks like you got some blog spam! And in Spanish no less. Ha!

kiki comin said...

i love that smile! you are right, push pops have that "too sweet to taste right" kind of taste! i'm jealous that you are in hot weather! booker keeps asking "where's my jessica?, where's my jansen?" i guess the blog will have to suffice for the time being! haha!

Landon & Kara said...

Oh Jessica, I'm so glad I have someone to talk about this book with now! I just found out the library finally has the sequel on hold for me. Now I have something to do on the plane this week!