Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Jansen and Kyle

Jansen has been having a great time with his cousin Kyle. Kyle is just a few weeks younger than Jansen---it's so fun to get them together. These first two pictures were taken at Nate's dad's house. Jansen really wanted Kyle to sit by him on the swing, but once we tried it he changed his mind.

This was so funny. Jansen and Kyle were running across the room to grandpa, but each time before they started Jansen would babble something to Kyle and Kyle would say, "Yeah," and then they would take off. This is Jansen talking to Kyle.

These next few pictures were taken at my cousin's house. She had a really fun backyard party for the kids...complete with water slide and all. (I'll include some pictures of that soon!)

Jansen started to get mad in this picture because Kyle was pouring sand on his foot. He (Jansen) is such a stinker sometimes.

Talking things over...

They both LOVE pizza!

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Nate said...

Alright, I never comment on the blog because I'm usually right where the action is; but since I'm away in Texas, I just want it on the record that I've been loving being able to see current pictures of Jansen (and Kyle!) and Jessica. I miss you guys so much!! What a blessed man I am!!