Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Why I Love Nate

Why I LOVE My Husband
Well it's been three years! My life is just a tiny bit different
than it was before I met Nate. And it's been even better than
I could have ever imagined. For those of you who hate mushy,
you may want to stop reading now. For the rest of
you, here's a list of just a few of the reasons why I love
my husband.
  1. He always cleans up every last hair after he has given himself a haircut.
  2. After working ALL night he walks in the door and hears how excited Jansen is to go outside and ride his bike; so he takes him out. Before he has even had some breakfast, before a nap...what an amazing dad.
  3. Because he insisted we stop and buy a rose or two from a stranger on the side of the freeway. One or two ended up being a dozen and they were a lot more than he had planned on...but they look really pretty!
  4. He still holds my hand.
  5. He did the rest of the dishes when he got up with Jansen this morning. And he pushed Jansen around the house on his trike because Nate says, "I know what boys like to do."


Cassidy said...

This is cute... and a tiny bit cheesy...

Anonymous said...

Wow, Jess - that brought tears to my eyes just like the little "It's a Wonderful World" slideshow of Jansen! Nate was once my "little boy" and I'm so proud of the great person - Dad, Husband, and Son that he is! Keep taking such good care of each other and make the most of every day - life is SO precious!!!! Happy 3rd Anniversary
from Seattle - we love you guys very much! Mom

Ang said...

I hear ya, I have a great husband too. Perhaps you should remember that you have a good husband because I first had a good husband who saw a good future husband and set him up with you. I'm glad your happy too!

Anonymous said...

Angie may have found you an amazing husband, of which there is no doubt. We love all our Nye gyes and gals, and future gals. But I did find you an amazingly cute blanket that is super soft, and although I did not stitch it myself, shopping is alot of work. By the way as a ex Hickory Farms employee I in fact enjoy the cheese.