Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day BBQ

Nate and I decided that having a BBQ on Memorial Day was a must. We lucked out and actually found a picnic spot (the parks were SOOO busy), dodged the rain, and when Nate got paged an hour before the BBQ, we found someone to cover for him. We had some awesome food: BBQed pineapple, homemade ice cream, cream soda, yummy salads, etc. The subject of birds came up a few times...including Nate being called "The Bird Whisperer" and being asked if he had brought his "bird goggles." (She meant binoculars. I think I like bird goggles better!)

Had to take a picture of this real quick before pulling it out of his mouth.

Love at first sight.

These are some of the oh-so-enjoyable girls that make life out here great.


Landon & Kara said...

Hmm, I noticed there aren't any pictures of Jessica! But I have one of you cleaning up so maybe I'll have to post that on my blog! And I have some fun pictures of Jansen playing with my crutches - I'll send them to you! Thanks again for the "memorable" memorial day! Ha!

Cassidy said...

Glad you had a good holiday weekend. We had a fun BBQ at the beach and while the weather was perfect, I got eaten alive by mosquitos!

Anonymous said...

just a question bout your menu at the b-b-que. is that an arm hanging off the table? the table to the left if you are looking at the picture. just wondering. i know nate has access to some extra perks at work. love, mom