Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Letter H and Such

Jansen insisted on taking the letter "H" to bed with him at naptime yesterday. Sometimes he gets really preoccupied with a certain letter of the alphabet and it's his favorite for the day/week. Some of the chosen ones: "S", "A", "O", "H" (interchangeable with "I." Jansen likes to turn the "H" so it looks like "I." This can also be done with "M" and "W.")

I've mentioned before that Jansen loves the movie "Cars." I bought him these little cars from the movie and he adores them. When Nate got home from school today Jansen wanted to go to a little hill at our complex that looks out onto a busy road so that they could watch the cars drive by while he held "his cars."

And last but not least, a Cincinnati Chili smile. For those of you who don't know, Cincinnati Chili is another name for Skyline Chili, which is a chili restaurant based in Cincinnati, Ohio. There is a recipe for it in one of Nate's grandma's cookbooks and we love it!


Cassidy said...

Such a smarty pants, huh? I love that smile with the chili all over his face. So cute.
(did you know that I loathe chili?)

Landon & Kara said...

I think he likes the H for Hagberg. (Duh)
I like his new haircut!

Anonymous said...

who hasn't taken the letter h to bed once or twice?

Anthony said...

H is for hollister janse!