Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Feeding the Ducks

There's a fun trail and pond not far from our house where
we like to take the kids to feed the ducks. For some reason
Jansen is never terribly interested in actually feeding the ducks.
He likes to explore and find rocks to throw in the water though.
We always have so much fun!

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Cousin Ang said...

Hi Nye clan! I have not been on the blog for a few days. I loved your poem...it's a strange gift you have, sorta Doctor Suessish if you ask me! I loved all the cute pictures of Jansen. I can't wait to see his sister! Well, have fun with your mom and Lexi, wish I were heading out too!
Love you!

Cassidy said...

I really love that last picture where the edges are all hazy. Good work. I am glad to see that photography class Senior year really taught you something. That Mr Kramer, he really knew what he was doing, huh?