Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Baby Shower Cont.

My mom and sister let me pick out a crib set as a gift from them.
This is the blanket from the set...such fun colors to decorate with!
And here's Kiki's gift. She made the blanket AND the cute sign.
(Which matches my crib set perfectly.)
We are all trying to convince her to start a business!

And speaking of ADORABLE things, my cousins Angie and
Carrie sent this amazing (and SO soft) blanket out with my
mom and sister. The little blue dress is also from them
and the pink one from my mom. I just love it all.
And here's a dress that I found that I could not resist. It
says "When in Rome" and other Italy-related words
all over it. I love the little pockets.

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Your Favorite Aunt Robin said...

Wow, such cute things for such a cute little girl! We haven't seen her yet but we have no doubt! All the stuff is wonderful, I bet your mom is so happy! Can't wait to see you and your wonderful family. I helped pick out the dresses and blankets, they are as cute as she will be! She'll be the best dressed baby on both sides of the Mississippi!

Ang said...

Jess, how fun! It looks like you are being taken care of quite well in Ohio! What wonderful friends you have! We love you and are so excited for the newest Nye.

Anonymous said...

Jess, besides the blanket I found of course, that chocolate brown blanket is so so so cute. Tell your friend she has a gift. Carrie