Tuesday, October 24, 2017


We could not have loved Miss Axell more, and she was the perfect teacher for Natalie. This was a short play I attended.

Checking out dad's work

My forever friend Laney and her family came to San Antonio for a night and we went to Krause Springs together. Inside my head I was a bit of a wreck the whole time because it's extremely hard to keep track of everyone, there are no lifeguards, and you can't see the bottom of the water. There was a period of time when I couldn't find Jansen and I was in a panic. It turned out he had headed to another area of the springs, but oh the relief when I saw him. Water + children really gets me on constant high alert. 

Roadtrip to Utah

When we left San Antonio the weather was blue skies, so we hadn't thought much about bad weather ahead. We ended up in a pretty big thunderstorm and could see the lightning for miles. We had a luggage rack on the back of the car that was getting soaked. We tried to find a store that would have some sort of tarp, but when we finally did find a Wal-Mart it was closed. Jansen was sweating and crying and in a panic. He eventually zoned out with his music and head down, but it was a rough few hours for him.

This meal was at a funny little place called Owl Cafe in New Mexico. There were little and big owls all over the restaurant, and if you can figure out how many owls there are in total then you get a prize.

Aztec Ruins National Monument
There was some wind here, and Jansen really struggled in the beginning. He refused to get out of the car, so I sent the rest of the family ahead. He eventually ventured out of the car and was glad he did.

Mesa Verde National Park

We spent a night at a little home/trailer in the middle of nowhere Colorado. 

Beautiful Utah! This is Wilson's Arch.

Arches National Park
I was hesitant to hike all the way to Delicate Arch with the kids, but we made it and I'm glad we did. We were both carrying a kid the majority of the time.

Ava the cat's 1st birthday party

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