Sunday, September 10, 2017


"Look mom, I'm a walrus!"

I watched anxiously as Jansen rode the Ripstik down a hill near our park. He hit some water and slid and crashed right into a muddy muck of grass and water.

Jansen had a great flag football season, and the girls did a good job playing and keeping themselves busy.


Easter Sunday
I had really wished Nate could have been home in time for this holiday with us or for General Conference weekend, but we made the best of things.

The homecoming! We debated whether or not to have pictures taken, and I had to kind of convince Nate, but we are so happy we have this day recorded. My wonderful friend Mandy Potter did a fantastic job and really captured the emotions and feelings of that day.

I feel like we had a very smooth transition as the family reunited. Not that it was easy, but I know it's not uncommon for couples and families to have some real struggles, and we didn't experience that.

Leah still hates the car wash.

Jansen did an excellent job on his MSIP (middle school independent project).

Kindergarten Fiesta floats  

Emmy and her bestie Kenadee at the Fiesta school party. There are only two school parties here in San Antonio: Fiesta and a Winter Party.

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