Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November Update

It looks like I'm in a phase of life where I get to blogging about twice a month. Hopefully someday it will be more often again - life is just a never ending to do list right now, and that's okay!

When I see this picture I fast forward in my mind 15 years and think of me and my girls having a weekend of shopping, eating, and sleeping in a hotel together. I'll be squeezed in that bed with them in the morning and we'll watch TV and order breakfast and just be lazy. The kids are out of school for Thanksgiving Break right now, and I make these gals (the early risers) come hang out in bed with me after they wake up so I can lay in bed just a few more minutes.

This sweet girl is 6 months old. She is still so bald and no teeth. She just started sitting up without help this week. She is starting to have solid food more often, and she is learning to slurp out of the baby food pouches. Those are such a dream compared to spoon feeding her! She goes to bed about 7 at night, wakes twice to nurse, and then wakes up for the day around 6:45 or 7. She takes 3 naps, and they are still pretty short. The longest one is usually about an hour or so. She definitely prefers to be held, but she likes her Exersaucer, jumper, and rolling around on the floor too. 

Leah rolled herself into this situation the other day.

This picture sort of shows the relationship between these two. Natalie adores Leah and is a little bit "in your face" with her. Leah prefers a little bit of space. :)

One afternoon I was making rolls (hardly ever happens these days) and I gave Emmy a little piece of the dough. She loved it. She played with that little thing for quite awhile.

Here's a picture of our master bedroom so far. I love to decorate our home, but it's hard to find the time and even to know how to do it. It's hard to pull a room together! This one is coming along slowly, but it's feeling more like a peaceful, happy space that I want it to be.

Just get a load of those thighs! Oh this picture makes me laugh. Her legs remind me of a tap dancing pig or something like that. 

If I am in the same room as Leah, I can be pretty sure she is looking at me/for me with those big eyes.

Jansen was helping Leah learn to sit up.

It got cold here a couple weeks ago and it scared the snot out of me that Texas weather was a super hot summer that quickly transitions to cold. Thankfully the 60s and 70s are here now, and we are loving it. I REALLY miss "seasons" and snow this time of year, but being able to play outside and enjoy the sunshine is so good for my soul. I can't decide what I would rather have.

We've started to explore the parks now that it's not so hot and Leah is on more of a schedule with more time in between naps.

Natalie has created a whole Christmas outfit for Leah out of paper. This is her hat. It says "Christmas Lia," which is how Natalie prefers to spell Leah's name.

Just for journaling purposes, this girl is our hardest kid right now. Love her to the moon and back, but she is difficult at the moment. 

Our first few months here Nate was getting home at a decent hour. The last little bit he has been getting home at 7 or 8, and the afternoons are SO long. I usually take everyone outside to ride bikes around 4:30 so that no one (especially me) completely loses it. Dinner is comical. 

I snapped this picture last Sunday as Nate talked to the kids about tithing and why we were going to tithing settlement. I am thankful for his leadership and testimony in our home. He's wearing one of his new suits we bought him a couple weeks ago. He has never had a "real" suit. Just a couple from his mission that he got for like $20. It was definitely time. He looks great in them. :)

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Kami said...

Love, love, love this post. There were a million thoughts I had as I read through it. I love Leah's thighs (dancing pig) they remind me of Ruby's. Love the picture of Nate talking to the kids. Leah is totally in to it. Love Leah getting malled by Natalie all the time. Love how your bedroom looks. It's a refreshing look- I like it. Glad you're getting to explore more. And lastly, oh my! I think the same things about shopping, eating out, and going to a hotel with Ruby some day. We'll have to do some of those together. Love you Jess!