Friday, October 10, 2014

Something - Anything

Well, that did it. Nate and I were downstairs winding down and getting ready for bed and he said, "You're blog has dried up." He's right. But for good reason! After living here for about 8 weeks (I think) we just got internet on Monday. And we are speaking in church this Sunday, so any spare moments I have I feel like I need to be working on that. But his comment made me determined to post SOMETHING tonight - ANYTHING - to relieve the drought.

So maybe just a few quick things. And an extremely unattractive picture of my foot.

There are ants here that bite. And it hurts and itches and they are awful little things.

Leah is changing a lot lately, and I am loving this new phase of grabbing at things (my face included) and rolling over and trying a little bit of "solids." 

I'm the new den leader for the Wolves at Cub Scouts. 

And that's it for tonight because my eyes weigh a thousand pounds and are red from so many nights of not enough sleep. Motherhood just does that to you. 


Jolee B. said...

I hate fire ants!! They had those in GA on my mission... I had a companion once who stood in an ant hill while talking to someone and started to feel something up her legs... so right there in the middle of talking, she screamed and ripped her nylons off! ha! She ended up with something like 47 bites on her legs. It was brutal.
In other news, that baby of yours is too cute!

Nathaniel Nye said...

Dear fire ants, Don't mess with my wife. Ever again. Or my kids for that matter. I know where you live! And it won't be pretty. - Nate

Jaime Lynne said...

Good to see you blogging again. Bad to see the bug-bitten foot. :)

Leah is a doll.