Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Days Before Leah's Arrival

When I was 39 weeks, Dr. Stephens stripped my membranes. It was a Friday morning. This put me into labor quickly with Natalie (at 40 weeks) and had worked pretty well with Emmy as well at 39 weeks. Nate and I were both fairly optimistic we would have the baby that weekend. I had care for the kids all lined up, their overnight bags packed to sleep at the Rasmussens, and back up for Saturday if I was still in labor that day. We dropped Emmy off at a friend's house and then headed to the clinic for the appointment. The appointment went fine, and we stayed in Bethesda for a couple hours to see if  I would really start contracting. We had lunch just the two of us, which was really nice, and then decided to go get Emmy because I clearly wasn't going to have a baby in the next couple hours. 

There was a time in the evening that the contractions picked up and we debated going to the hospital. I prayed, debated over and over in my head, and decided it wasn't time and that we should all just go to bed like a normal night. On Saturday we decided the best thing at that point would be for the baby to stay IN until Nate's mom arrived on Tuesday night. Turns out Leah was perfectly happy waiting till then and even a few days after Kim's arrival as well. :) We had another appointment with Dr. Stephens on Wednesday and he stripped my membranes again. He said not much had changed, and he did not think it was going to put me into labor. That was a little surprising, but I really felt like she would come when it was time and when it was right. We ended up having a great time doing a little sight seeing in the days before Leah was born. We made a stop at the National Gallery of Art and the Sculpture Garden on Thursday.

And here I am trying to summon the labor inducing powers of the rabbit.

It was such a gorgeous day in DC.

We walked over to the Washington Monument that afternoon as well. We have driven by it many times, but this was my first time actually visiting the grounds. I was pretty proud of myself for trekking around that day almost 40 weeks pregnant!

On Friday we drove to Bethesda to show Kim the new hospital (Walter Reed National Military Medical Center). We also grabbed lunch and cupcakes. 

I repeat my love for these cupcakes. They really are divine.

Although I was incredibly anxious to not be pregnant anymore, the big reason we really wanted Leah to come soon was so that Kim would not miss her arrival. Her flight was scheduled for Sunday around 3, and it was now Friday afternoon. 

After school Nate finished up a rope swing for the backyard. No more squirrel obstacle course. The kids love it. We had a little pizza and movie night later, and then put everyone to bed. 

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Kami said...

What a great backyard! So glad that you were able to do some fun stuff with Kim and that she got to see baby Leah too! Best of both worlds. I'm feeling gypped that we never got cupcakes!