Monday, February 24, 2014

The National Archives and Muchos Memorials

We almost went to Gettsyburg on Kami's last day here but decided that we would enjoy it a lot more on a warmer day. We found a great runner up idea: the National Archives. You can't take pictures inside, but we were able to see the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. They are all on display in an area called the Rotunda, and it almost felt like we were on sacred ground in there. We also happened to visit while they had the Emancipation Proclamation displayed; they only have it out for a limited number of days each years because it's so fragile.

There was a special area for the kids with coloring books and special paper to write their own proclamation on.

Jansen wanted some privacy to write his.

The Capitol is always an impressive sight, even from the car.

I still can't believe Kami and I are both having little girls that are due within a week of each other. 

Nate had a bird he was hoping to see while we were out. A red-necked something (he will be so disappointed that I can't remember. I'm going to go with red-necked Grebe.) And he did see it! That means I can rest easy because he will pretty much be happy for the rest of the day no matter what.

After the National Archives, we stopped to see the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.

Kami and Natalie with a chilly view of the Jefferson Memorial in the background.

A view of the Washington Monument while we are at the FDR Memorial.

I didn't get any great pictures at the FDR Memorial. This was about the point that everyone needed to use the bathroom, was hungry, cold, and ready to go home. My kids aren't old enough to really appreciate all these places we "drag" them around to, but I'm hoping between their memories and this blog, they will thank us later. :)


kiki comin said...

SO fun. you two preggos are the cutest things ever. someday i will drag all of my kids too...:)

Kami said...

Oh man! Such a fun trip! Love spending time with you and your amazing family Jess.