Monday, December 9, 2013

Wintry Mix

We got our first real snowfall here in Maryland on Sunday. It was received with GREAT excitement from the kids, but it caused a little trouble as well. Nate flew to a conference in Las Vegas last Wednesday, and his flight from Atlanta to DC was cancelled last night. He was probably in the worst situation when they decided to cancel his flight and others because he was already on the plane and sitting in the back. By the time he got off the plane and to customer service, the best they could do was a flight home Monday at 10 pm. He kept checking in, looked on Delta's website, and tried calling an agent and actually ended up getting the last seat on a flight home this morning. We got to see him for a minute when he stopped at home, and then it was back to work and training room till tonight.

They ended church early yesterday so that we could all get home before the heavier snowfall came. It ended up being a snowy, cozy, magical Sunday afternoon for the kids I think. We are ill prepared in the winter snow gear department, but they still had a great time outside till they were just too cold to stand it anymore. School was also cancelled today. 


Knudson Family said...

Fun snow! School cancelled? That is about the best news ever for a kid. My kids can only wish...It was great to see Nate at the ward party!!

Michelle said...

Ditto to everything Chelsea said! That looks so fun!