Monday, December 23, 2013

Eventful Saturday

Before I talk about our eventful Saturday, there's a little catching up to do.

Our recent ward Christmas party included a simple nativity skit starring the Primary children. Natalie was a shepherd, and Jansen did NOT want to dress up.

I found this note from Natalie all folded up and addressed to Santa. What can I even say about this. Hahaha.

We created and decorated nativity scenes with some friends. 

And we've had some incredibly nice weather! Nice enough to spend some time after school at the park without coats.

This past Saturday was so warm, sunny, and beautiful. I think it got up to around 65 degrees. Jansen and Nate were playing in the backyard in shorts and T-shirts. Natalie and Emmy got really dirty.

Nate and the kids spent most of the morning in the backyard. Nate finished raking up all our leaves and did some maintenance on the bird feeders and squirrel obstacle course. Later in the day we drove to USUHS to use the ultrasound machine in the clinic to take a look at the baby.

We got a little sidetracked by a poor Red-bellied Woodpecker that had flown into a window and died.

Somehow it was decided that we should bury the little guy.

 Inside everyone cast their vote on the sex of the baby...1 means girl, 2 means boy. Only Emmy thought we were having a girl.

And she was right! Nate got some very good looks, and he is very confident it's a girl.

I feel so excited about having 3 little girls. I am happy for each of them to have a couple sisters, and I am already imagining all our girls' nights and girls' trips. 

Jansen was very disappointed it wasn't a boy. Poor kid has such strong emotions in all facets of his life, and he was very upset that he will be so outnumbered. 

I can't wait to see Emmy be one of the big sisters.

Later that evening we went to see the lights at the DC temple with some friends. Because it was the weekend and such a warm day, it was VERY crowded, but we were so happy to be there and experience it.

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Kendra said...

Ah Jansen, tell him Maddie feels the same way :) Such is life! He will be a wonderful big brother to his sisters!!

or just keep trying and hopefully one day you will have a boy!