Sunday, September 22, 2013

Last But Not Least

Emmy turned 3 last week. We all love her so much, and Jansen has said to me several times how sad he would be if we didn't have her. She is definitely in the dress up phase of life, and I never know what accessories or outfits she will come up with. Today she wore some black gloves to church. She loves these sparkly headbands we have, but she wears them around her stomach as often as she does on her head. 

                     She is becoming more and more opinionated and in many ways, more difficult. Potty training was going so well, but that's not really the case anymore. I know that it will come, but it's sure frustrating. I wish I understood what makes her poop in her pants instead of telling me so we can head to the toilet. She and Natalie fight a fair amount, but they also adore each other. 

I'm still enjoying the alone time I get to spend with her during the day. And it's a million times easier taking one to the store than three, but it's still one of my least favorite things to do.

This was taken on her actual birthday. This is the attitude I'm talking about. She gets worked up about the  funniest things lately. Here's an example of a typical conversation we might have:
Emmy: What is that mom? (pointing at a bird)
Me: Oh I think that's a bird.
Emmy: NO! It's not a bird!!! What is that mom?
Me: Well Emmy, it looks like a bird to me. 
Me: What do you think it is then?
Emmy: No! Mom! MOM WHAT IS THAT?
I don't get it.

It was a simple birthday. She opened presents in the morning. She picked out some ice cream to have later after dinner. She got a Happy Meal for lunch, and we ate together on the deck. 

She had a pink cake with pink frosting (boxed cake mix and gross frosting). She has asked me almost every day if it's still her birthday. I made the mistake once of saying no, so now I just say yes and we go on with our lives. 


Anonymous said...

Ha! Everyday is Emmy's birthday! I LOVE her backpack. She is such a little heartmelter, thanks for the pics.

Nathaniel Nye said...

Obviously, she wanted to know what KIND of bird it was! Duh! Just "a bird" isn't good enough for any child of mine. :)

Jaime Lynne said...

Happy belated birthday, Emmy. You make me smile and I live thousands of miles away! You're quite an adorable force.