Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Other Sfuff

We've been doing a lot of fun things out here, but I also want to record the small events in life that are happening right now.

Natalie lost her third tooth while we were in New Jersey. She woke up in the middle of the night after the tooth fairy had come and needed to go to the bathroom or something. Nate was helping her, and after she used the bathroom I could overhear their little 2 am conversation as Natalie discovered some money under her pillow. She was so excited.

 Natalie has a funny fascination/hang up right now. She asks us about 15 times a day, "What would happen if  you ate a (fill in the blank here with just about any object you can think of)?" Legos, spiders, leaves, towels,  string; you name it and she's probably asked about it. The other part to it is that she is always asking, "Did I eat a (insert object here)? I guess she worries that she has unknowingly eaten some of these things. 

I've finally gotten to the point of being able to do a little bit more than just unpack boxes. There are probably 5 or 6 different paint colors used on the walls in this house. It's hard to try and make the furniture and decor we have "work" in each room, but things are coming together a little. Here's what we have in the living room so far:

 Church is at 9 am. We haven't quite been able to completely adjust to the time change yet! We used to be on a schedule of bed time around 8 pm and wake up between 6 and 7. Now the kids often don't fall asleep till 9:30, sometimes 10 and sleep till 7:30 or 8. Luckily, their school doesn't start till 9:15, but I'd like to get back to our regular schedule. Getting to church on time sometimes means breakfast (a slice of bread) in the car.

Last Thursday we had dinner at Dr. Beutler's house. He is the director for the sports medicine fellowship, and Nate is going to really enjoy working with him. He and his wife have 5 kids and a beautiful home in Crofton, MD. They have a small zipline in their backyard and the kids had a blast going on it. 

This is Good Counsel High School. It's a private Catholic school, and Nate is the doctor for the football team. 

A few other things:

-I was called to be the secretary in the Primary at church. 

-A few days after we got here Nate bought a nice used Hyundai Sonata. We sold his truck before we moved from Vegas.

-I had hoped to have Jansen start piano lessons when we got out here, but he will have none of it. He really doesn't want to, so I am not going to push it right now. He LOVES chess right now, and has been reading a ton this summer.


Lara H. said...

A few things;

1) I love your blog header!!

2) I was just called as Primary Secretary too!

3) I love reading about your back east adventures! And I hope you're settling nicely.

Kami said...

Oh man! So many things to comment on... Love that Jansen won't play piano. Didn't know you wanted him to. Love how the house is looking. You have a talent for decorating. Love that awesome looking Catholic school. And the house with the zip line= AWESOME! Jason and I have church at 9am and we're still not adjusted to the time either... we're always late. It's ridiculous.

Kami said...

Oh. And I LOVE the new blog look! Very nice!

Annie said...

Love to get a few glimpses into your life! Makes me miss you but also makes me feel like I just spent time with you. Does that even make sense? The house is so cute!

Anonymous said...

The living room looks cozy. I want a zip line at my house too. Maybe from the bedroom to the kitchen. I love the candle burning in the kitchen because I know exactly what you are feeling about strange smelling homes.

Jaime Lynne said...

The new blog header is gorgeous! These are my favorite kinds of posts... the ones that capture the little details of life that slip by unnoticed. You always do these posts so well.