Friday, May 31, 2013


On Memorial Day we went to the coolest little zoo in the Moapa, NV. My friend Becca booked a private tour for us, and you can tell from the pictures that everyone had an awesome time. It was a really up close and personal kind of experience. I was actually really surprised and how much they let us interact with the animals. Like letting them crawl on our shoulders and heads!

 Most of the animals appeared to have the sweetest dispositions. I guess from getting handled a lot.

These little guys just curl up in your arms.

I got the biggest kick out of this area where they had camels, pigs, zebras, goats, cows, etc just all hanging out together. The kids got to feed the animals carrots, and one mom put a carrot in her mouth and then fed it to the camel. A sort of kiss. Disgusting, but I totally wanted to do it but couldn't because we ran out of carrots.

Natalie was just grinning most of the time. She carried her "purse" around for the entire tour. It's filled with treasures you can't even imagine.

This is a baby kangaroo. The look on Natalie's face tugs my heart strings every time I see it. She looks so motherly.

This is a caracal and there is a whole episode about them on Wild Kratts. Needless to say, the kids loved seeing one in real life. 

We all stopped for Slurpees on the way home. I had a sort of epiphany a few days ago when I realized how much I love creating memories through experiences like this and other things we did over the Memorial Day weekend. It's less stress, planning, and money to just hang out at home (and I LOVE that too), but I have realized that I am really happy when I am out experiencing life in this way and being with others. 


Anonymous said...

Love the look on Emmy's face in that last pic. What a great experience for the kids, I bet they were in heaven.

Annie said...

I would have really enjoyed watching you kiss a camel. I mean, you saw me wear a monkey mask so I should get to see you kids a camel. And that ferret looks good on you. I think you should get one. Look how much your kids love animals. You are depriving them and a ferret is the only answer. See! I helped you make another big life decision. You are so lucky to have me as a friend.

Anonymous said...
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Lara H. said...

I seriously love that you went there. Like I said on your IG, my parents literally live up the street from that zoo and my sister used to work there! That's my hometown, where I grew up and still love with all my heart, I am super glad you got to visit, even if it was to the zoo! :)