Sunday, May 19, 2013

All Sorts of Things

We are in the crazy midst of selling our house. Originally we had planned on renting it. We posted it on some sites, and a realtor actually called us and asked if we were willing to sell it. Long story short, we are selling it now and couldn't be happier that we won't have to be landlords. We've been sprucing things up just a adding some pretty flowers to the backyard. 

Mother's Day was wonderful. Nate woke up with the kids (and quickly I might need to prod him or poke him in the back). I wasn't allowed out of the bedroom for awhile, and later they brought me this delicious breakfast. Everyone had a sweet note for me, and Natalie even gave me a $1 bill. (A few days later I saw her take it back when she thought I wasn't looking.)

I got a good laugh out of Natalie's changes to the week's menu.

Jansen was in the 2nd grade spelling bee. He was so calm and collected. Whenever he spelled a word it was always very clear and with confidence. Nate and I are both former spelling bee winners, so this was so fun for us to watch. Nate was even able to make it.

And he won! Later that day I had to take him to get some blood work done, and he took the trophy to the hospital because he was so proud of it. We had taken him to the doctor to talk with her about his anxiety, and she had ordered some labs just to make sure everything checked out okay. He was so good when they drew his blood. Not a complaint at all. They kept complimenting him on how brave he was being, and I couldn't help but think how funny it is that we all have such different fears. This kid can sit and have a needle stuck in his arm and have lots of blood sucked out of him. Put him in front of a window with a palm tree swaying in the wind, and it's a whole different story. 

Natalie is such a fun girl. I'm so thankful for her silly personality. Our struggle right now with her is baby talk. It makes my skin crawl.

Natalie loves to make books at home. She has broken the stapler many times pounding her book pages together, but it makes me so happy to see her creating these stories.


Anonymous said...

This post just make me smile for so many reasons. Love how kids are all so different. Viva la difference! So great.

Kami said...

Yay Jansen! That is awesome! Loved the pic of Natalie with that cap on- she is so your child. Love you and your cute family!

Lindsey said...

I love the story about Natalie taking her dollar back. So funny. And what a sweet breakfast in bed tray. The heart strawberries and everything! Good luck figuring things out with Jansen.

Annie said...

Hot chicken!? Sure! Who would want cafe rio pork and wild rice soup when pizza and noodles are an option? Your kids are hilarious and also have adorable freckles and bigger brains than the rest of us.