Thursday, March 7, 2013


Jansen and Natalie are finally at an age where they can play games together. There's about a 50/50 chance it will end in a fight, but I think it's good for them to learn to play by the rules of a game. We really like this game called Bug Trails. A few other favorites right now are Trouble and Uno.

One morning I went to add to my Costco shopping list and found this sweet little note. I thought it was from Jansen, but Natalie actually wrote it. 

I cannot wait to be a witness to all the craziness Natalie and Emmy cook up over the years. One afternoon Natalie "decorated" Emmy's head with lots and lots and lots of bows. One of my favorite things Emmy says right now is "coca dots," which is her way of saying polka dots. 

Emmy has been begging for some sunglasses. I found some for a dollar at The Children's Place, and they have been worn A LOT already.

I wanted to get a picture of a typical afternoon snack for Natalie. She didn't want to smile; and in case you are wondering, peanut butter toast is not nearly as messy when you eat it with a fork.

If this isn't the face of a little kid, I don't know what is. She's got a bandaid, a very dirty face, a helmet, and a goofy grin. Emmy has started climbing out of her crib. She is my first child to do this, and so far it hasn't turned into a problem, but I think it's only a matter of time. I usually only have to put her back in once...if she only knew the stress she would cause me if this becomes an issue. I really like having my kids in a crib till almost 3 or so.

A sandcastle Natalie built one afternoon. She was very proud of it.

I got a kick out of all Jansen's animals "watching" him read one afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Emmy is my little fashionista!

Ali said...

I love how you memorialize life! Your kids are going to love looking back on all that you blog J.

Lindsey said...

I love the catch up. Perfect post. My favorite is the picture of Emmy and her ultimate kid picture. (And you are verrrrrrry lucky that your kids are so old by the time they climb out of the crib. Steele has been my oldest. He was 21 months old. Jordan and Cannon were both 18mths. And they are very persistent with getting out. We basically just put them in a twin bed at that point and turn the lock around on the door knob. I hope Emmy will give you peace and stay in her crib!