Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Favorite Thing in the World to Do

I have some friends that I always go out with when it's one of our birthdays. It just kind of started, and we really don't get together with all 4 of us ever besides our little birthday nights. We choose somewhere to eat and then do a little shopping. There are few things I love more than those two things together in a night. This time we were celebrating Julie's birthday (she's on the right...they are the first family we met when we moved here).

We ate at a really yummy place called Yardhouse. Me and Katie here shared a ham and pineapple pizza and a chicken avocado sandwich. Oh and lots of fries. Sweet potato fries, truffle fries, plain fries...

We did a little shopping at Town Square. This candy/novelty store was very fun...I should have taken more pictures. We ended the night with McDonald's hot chocolate and following an ambulance to make sure it wasn't going to any of our houses. :) Oh I love girls' nights.


Nathaniel Nye said...

Mouth shut. Bank account open. Just glad she is happy and has great friends!

Kent and Leisy said...

that food all sounds divine. Have I mentioned that I wish we lived close to each other?! we could have one heck of a birthday celebration.

Anonymous said...

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