Saturday, December 1, 2012

Gingerbread Houses

It's been a few years since we've used homemade gingerbread for decorating houses. We decided to do it this year and invite a few families over. The recipe we used is from one of his grandma's cookbooks and has to chill over night, etc. but I thought it was totally worth it. Just that something special about things that are made from scratch and took some time you know? Nate cut out all the walls, roofs, and doors.

At first we considered making it a contest, but then decided against it. It was just a fun free-for-all with lots of interesting additions by the children. :) I loved the bowls and bowls of candy. I'll take that over pie any day.

The kids did sugar cone Christmas trees too. Green frosting all over Natalie's shirt and pants by the end of the night. 

Emmy had the right idea. Fill a cone with mini M&Ms and sit back and enjoy the night.

Here's our...creation. Complete with billowing smoke marshmallows coming from the chimney. You can bet that thing has been getting picked on and eaten all week. And we all know it's not flattering to use a picture with your arm smooshed against your body. Or one where you have a greasy forehead. But I don't care, okay? I'm just here for the candy.


The Nye's said...

You are SO fun!! You are always doing fun things with fun people and I have fun envy right now!!

lexihb said...

I've been wanting to do gingerbread houses too, looks fun! Emmy's look on her face cracks me up.

Annie said...

It's like I always say, Hand on the hip! Your arm doesn't look fat by the way but do you remember when you posted that picture that made me look seven months pregnant and all of my family kept calling to ask when I was expecting? That was awesome.

I like to make homemade gingerbread too. And when I say homemade gingerbread I mean I glue gun graham crackers together.