Friday, September 14, 2012

Here and There

Here are some bits and pieces from life lately.
Both Emmy and Natalie have been coloring a lot. It's a great activity to keep Emmy occupied for a little bit, and we usually do it at the kitchen counter where Emmy is strapped in and can't wreak havoc on the house with a marker or crayon.

She is licking up the last of her ranch after "drinking" what she could from the cup. How about eating some of that food on your plate Emmy?

I caught this sweet picture of her feeding one of her babies. And so prepared for anything motherhood might throw at her with that backpack and all...

We're not completely sold on the idea of being a mother. Fighter pilot and princess are also options.

We hung out at a friend's house one Friday night and rocked out while doing Just Dance. 

I must get a photo of Chico on the blog. This little guy sits in a corner of our neighbor's yard, a bit of a cast off, and the kids love to go see him. 

Before going to the "real" park one afternoon, we slid around at a skate park. Ruined our pants but oh well!

This is the scene when Nate gets home from work. Hugs come first, but it doesn't take long for things to turn into loving "attacks."

Soccer started last night.

Jansen was upset that his team lost. I am helping coach this year. It's a juggling act if I have the girls, but if Nate has them, I have a blast being on the field with the little kids.

Emmy's true loves right now. Baby Jaguar and Strawberry Shortcake. There is a doll somewhere under all that scented hair.


Kami said...

Oh! I love coloring! and love that photo of Emmy feeding her baby. So cute!

Annie said...

Strawberry Shortcake!? Cinderella dress-ups!? That Emmy is doing me proud I'll tell you what! She sure is a doll. I wish our kids could play soccer together. I wish even more you could be the coach for them.

Lara H. said...

I can't believe it's been a year since soccer, and almost since we've been gone. I ache for NLV when I see all these fun pictures of friend get togethers and soccer. Miss you guys like crazy and LOVE all the pictures of your sweet family!