Friday, August 24, 2012


LOVING: Nate having some 2-12 shifts. I know, I know, still a pretty crappy schedule, but it means I can go running in the morning. And I can go to the grocery store by myself sometime other than at night. And he gets hours with the kids instead of one hour or minutes. Oh and I also love my immersion blender.

READING: Just finished The Greatest Quest. It's about four college students who set out on a quest to find God and His only true church. I'm actually using a lot of the scriptures mentioned in the book to direct my scripture study now.

WATCHING: SO SO SO embarrassed to admit this one. BUT we just got Netflix and I've been alone at night all week...I've been watching just a little bit of Animal Hoarders. Sometimes a lot bit.

ANTICIPATING: Fall. Aren't we all? I'm excited to have highs in the 90s instead of 100s!

LISTENING TO: I like a guy named Lee DeWyze right now. Jansen loves the song Home by Phillip Phillips so that's been on a lot lately as well.

PLANNING: Oh this is easy. Birthday parties. Jansen and Natalie. So glad we only do these every other year.

WORKING ON: My drive to do this always comes in waves, but I have been "decorating" and "creating." Using three separate pieces I put this mirror together:
WISHING: Surprisingly, this one is making me think the hardest. Is that good? That a million things don't come to mind when I ask myself what I'm wishing for? I guess I'm wishing I didn't worry so much. Had a small freak out session last night when Nate was a little late getting home from scout camp. Faith not fear, faith not fear, Jessica!

Oh and Jansen blogged again. Such a funny kid.


Kati said...

I've been wanting to read The Greatest Quest, where did you find it? My cousin told me it was really good.

Monica said...

LOVED reading this. And that mirror is amAZING! Mrs. talented over there!

Annie said...

SO so glad you spent too much time watching Animal Hoarders. And you are an American Idol fan whether you know it or not! And I love Jansen's blog. So so much.

Kendra said...

We just got netflix and I have been watching shows on the Disney Channel....yeah, I probably shouldn't have admited to that :)

Anonymous said...

I trying to get you to understand Moose. And you watch animal hoarders! That is not going to help with your understanding of why I let him sleep on my bed. Just my insecurities showing about having a house full of fur.

Knudson Family said...

I love this post! (And the mirror!)

cheeks said...

that mirror is darling! nice work. i jumped over to jansen's blog...he is a hoot! i loved reading it! so....this is totally random, but are you running in the "saints and sinners" race at lake mead on oct.27?? i'm bringing a few friends down to run...(and i'm totally not a runner)...but you should sign up it's so close to you! that would be fun to see you there :)

ps, loved this post idea. i might have to steal blog is pretty dry these days!

David and Kristi Gailey said...

I love reading your blog. I have been a nervous wreak around here. I have been having major anxiety attacks for some reason. My dad told me the same thing. Just have faith. Miss you guys.