Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day to Day

Our sweet elderly neighbors gave us this birdbath. (The same neighbors that gave me a tourist type T-shirt for Jansen that said "Son of a Beach" on it. Should I be offended? Also the same neighbors that brought us some pastries in a Victoria's Secret bag.) The birdbath has spent most of its time with us rolling around to different locations in the backyard. One day the girls had the wonderful idea of using it as a table.
I think we all know why I included this picture. Thank you, Emmy, for making me laugh every day.
 We had a cold-ish day a few weeks back and the kids went wild inside. Natalie LOVES to raid the recycling box. It drives me absolutely crazy to see her drag garbage back in the house, but I also cannot bring myself to tell her that she can't "make" whatever it is she has in mind. She and Jansen made this city.
 A close up of their hard work. 
 I'm pretty good about letting them make messes but ALWAYS warn them that they will need to clean it ALL up. They agree happily. But then clean up time comes and there is ALWAYS much groaning and moaning. I wouldn't want to clean this up either I guess. It's also a barricade to keep Emmy out.
 The other half of the mess.


Jennie said...

Oh so glad I'm not the only one who has children that drag boxes back in the house and make a disaster of the house. It would be so much easier if we just let our kids play video games or watch tv all day huh? They don't understand that when they get grounded from electronics I am really grounding myself.

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully creative. It makes of think of whenever Adam would babysit. And that horrible playroom we had at the house by Robin's that I let you guys draw all over the walls. Good times.

Anonymous said...

Oh and thanks to Emmy as well for a good laugh. She's a natural little comic.