Saturday, March 17, 2012

Christmas in March

The night before my mom and sister came to visit, I told Nate it felt like Christmas Eve to me.
I like them that much.
Our first order of business was to get Emmy to warm up to them.
 These two are already very warmed up to Grandma Becca and Lexi.
Maybe it's the freckles? Freckles bring people together.
 We had a movie night. Jansen and Natalie didn't care what we watched, but Grandma requested Puss in Boots. Which I quite liked. I like most things that are accompanied by pizza and cinnamon sticks though.
 The kids have been begging for a trip to the science museum. They wanted to see Curious George, who is on display there. 
 Jansen opted for things like this, rather than the hurricane simulator. (He has a terrible fear of the wind and severe weather.) 

Grandma let Natalie have some makeup and nail polish adventures. I quickly confiscated the lipstick...Natalie cannot be trusted with a tube of her very own lipstick.
And now our little guest room is empty once again.
It was a little easier saying goodbye knowing we'll see them in a few weeks during a trip to Utah on General Conference weekend.

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Tina said...

How fun to have so many visits with family! I wish I lived closer to mine and I feel the exact same way as you do with it being Christmas and all when family comes to town. It looks like you had such a great time like always!!