Tuesday, March 27, 2012

18 Month Old Business

This monkey is 18 months old. 
Gosh, I love her.
Don't you just want to kiss those cheeks?
Some things I might want to remember about her in 20 years:

-She is an extremely picky eater. The foods that I can usually get her to eat in some way or another are mandarin oranges, oatmeal, yogurt, applesauce, bananas, and cottage cheese. She LOVES her daily gummy vitamin. I am a strong believer in exposing her to foods and always trying to get her to eat new things, and then just waiting for her to outgrow this.

-She wakes at about 6:15 every morning. I get her a bottle of milk, and then she comes and lays in bed with us while she drinks it. 

-She is very much a momma's girl. When Nate gets home from work, she clings to me for dear life. Not because she doesn't love him, but I think she knows I am going to be trying to hand her off. She knows daddy is the fun one though, and if they are going out to ride bikes, she will be out of my arms in a second.

-She likes nursery ok. She cries when we leave her, and  on Sunday spent the entire last hour on someone's lap. I think things will get better fast though.

-As I mentioned before, she LOVES to go ride bikes in the culdesac. She loves exploring in the backyard with Natalie, and has brought many pails of sand into the house.

-She likes Jansen and Natalie to be a part of whatever she does. She's always saying, "Mon!" It means, Come on!

-She's still drinking a bottle. I don't really want to face the facts on that one, so I just keep ignoring it.

-She hates having her hair washed and having her teeth brushed. For some reason, she does so much better when Nate brushes her teeth. Which is awesome, it's his job now! As for the hair, sometimes I feel like I am abusing her as I try to hold her back from climbing out of the tub as I wash her hair. It's an awful experience for both of us.

-When I give something to her she often says, "Here go" in the cutest little voice.

-If she is feeling shy or doing something she knows she shouldn't, she looks down and blinks really slowly.

Can't imagine life without her!


Anonymous said...

She is special for sure. I like to call her my little minx. Soft, adorable and a little high maintenance.

JesseandJessieZawalski said...

If it makes you feel better..my two year old is still on bottles..and binkys..because he's my baby and I can't handle his little voice asking and how cuddly he is when he has them.. I say hold onto the little things because they grow up so fast and soon she won't want to be the little baby laying and cuddling in bed with mommy!