Monday, February 13, 2012

In Case Grandmas Check the Blog Tomorrow

Before I forget....hilarious moment of the day occurred when Nate and I walked into the mudroom and found Natalie brushing Jansen's hair with the toilet brush.

The next few seconds went something like this, "Natalie!!!! Stop!!! THAT IS THE TOILET BOWL BRUSH. I USE THAT TO CLEAN POOP THAT'S IN THE TOILETS!!! Oh gross. Why were you using that!?" 
And then Nate and I just looked at each other and laughed. Super disgusting. 

We play in the sandbox a lot. These are the months that living in Vegas is downright awesome. Yes, those are flip flops and short sleeve shirts.
 We ride bikes after school a few times a week. Sometimes I send out a mass text message to all the moms within a half mile or so to tell them we're out riding. It's so much more fun when friends come to play and I have someone to talk to. It's not unusual for everyone to abandon the bikes and just play in the rocks though.
 Seems like there's been a lot of birthday parties lately. Jansen went to a Nerf gun war party and had an awesome time.
 We're still going to church. :)
Just a few more weeks until Emmy starts Nursery. 
 Emmy had her buddy Diesel over. Stickers are courtesy of her loving, older sister.
 Natalie and Paisley LOVE to collect "treasures." We will go to a playground and they will not set foot on the playground equipment the entire time. They just run around collecting stuff off the ground. On this afternoon they were collecting the "pretty" rocks from the backyard. This just makes me laugh because every rock back there is basically the same. But not to them!
 They had pajama day at preschool...

 And Emmy continues to wreak havoc anywhere and in any way she can. I am soooo over the emptying the bookshelves phase.


Heather said...

OH disgusting! I can't believe it.

So happy for your winter weather - you deserve it after the midwest.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the smiles.

Tina said...

Oh my goodness. I have kids who empty the bookshelves too. I probably have pictures of every kid doing it... sigh... Our book shelf keeps moving rooms. It's currently in our room and we keep our door locked and only let them in to read at night. Ya, we are the book nazis... :)

Ryan, Becca, Brinley Boo AND Casen too! said...

Hahaha, love the last pic, so cute! And can't get over the toilet brush, UGH, I would have flipped.... and laughing would have come but not til much later :) Emmy looks like a doll in her church clothes with her big smile! Can't believe she will be in nursery, that may be cause for celebration!

megandjon said...

ugh, i understand your toilet brush pain AND your books off the bookshelves pain. I can one up you with--every time you give them a bag of something, even if they want it, they must fling it all around to spill every last (cracker, craisin, chip, peanut) in it--pain. I'm not sure that sentence made sense, but oh well, I'm trying! also, i loved this post! the worst time with babies is the last month or three before nursery because they are SO mobile and bored in your sunday school class, and then, right when they turn 18 months, they suddenly hit "stranger-danger" phase and don't want to go. It seems like it always happens that way! Good luck!