Friday, December 2, 2011

Slice of Life

I am always in shock when I look at the last time I posted and it's been many days. Time is slipping by I guess. Emmy is only taking one nap now, and it's usually about one hour long. That means for the majority of my day I have ONE HOUR to do things without her. I am still trying to figure out how to cook, clean, relax, read my scriptures, play with Natalie, shop online, and eat in that one hour. 

I'm so thankful for Jansen. He is dependable and obedient and for the most part, in control of his emotions. He likes to keep Emmy happy...which is so incredibly helpful. 
 Emmy loves her shoes. She calls them "sh." I have to hide a couple pairs that don't quite fit her yet, or else she stomps around the house in frustration because they keep falling off. She says "hi" and "hey" and "go" and "no" now, but not when I ask her to.
 The Christmas decorations are out and the kids are loving it. Jansen arranged this sweet scene around baby Jesus. There have been other less reverent stories played out with these figures in the past couple days. 
 And then one day Natalie says to me, "Look mom!" 
What to my wondering eyes should appear but a button (it's a little hard to see) that is stuck to the window with spit. She was so proud. As she should be. Unlike her older brother, Natalie is very emotional right now and also loves to tease Emmy. We have some rough days. 
 And we have some great days. Emmy was laughing and loving life as Natalie pushed her in this dump truck. Trouble with these types of games is Emmy completely loses it when it's time to stop.
And there you have it. A slice of life right now.


Kendra said...

That sounds just like my Jack!

Heather said...

Our children have a lot of similarities. Great slice of life.

Kami said...

I like Jansen's hair with the spike up in front.