Thursday, November 3, 2011

On Halloween Night

By day, they are perfectly normal children, leading perfectly normal lives.
By night, there is nothing normal about them. He the most energetic of pilots. She the most fierce of the ladybugs. The wee one of the family transforms into something so exceedingly cuddly and soft, it was impossible to get a picture of her.
After the sun has set, they consume snakes, human mouths, and...Jell-O. Gasp.
And all this to prepare them for a night on the town with other equally strange children. They will knock on door after door and gather candy to fuel their charismatic spirits. The candy has positive effects on their mother's spirit as well.
It's best to never be alone on a night like this. Straaaaaange things can happen. 
Things that would give you the chills just to hear about it. And were you to see it, you may not believe your eyes.
But every word of it is true.


Ali said...

Totally L-O-V-E the post Jess! & I'm a little tempted to share it with my class as a writing lesson example ;) Woo woo!

Looks like you & the fam had a blast! Love your guts hun and hope you're doing GREAT!

Kami said...

Haha! That pic of Emmy makes me laugh! And did you make that dinner? So clever and cute Jess. How did you come up with those ideas?