Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lexi and Brennon Love Us

Because they came to see us for a weekend!

Poor Brennon had to do homework most of the day on Friday, but he was so nice to take some breaks to entertain Natalie. She just latches onto anyone who will wrestle, fight, and run around with her.
While Brennon slaved away, Lexi and I grabbed some Subways and went to have lunch with Nate. While we were there, I decided at the last minute (because there was no wait) to get flu shots for me, Natalie, and Emmy and get a couple of Emmy's vaccinations. 
 Little buddies. Natalie loves Lexi.
 I think Emmy was quite amused by Brennon most of the weekend. Of course, she would not show that he was growing on her, but I do think she liked him.
 Lexi and I are such party poopers. It's in our blood. We were always exhausted by like 9, but we did manage to play a few games one night.
 After watching General Conference, we went to a park on Saturday afternoon.

Nate and Brennon were tossing the frisbee and kicking a ball around. They kept attracting different groups of kids. It was really cute to watch.
 And this is where we contract viruses...
Lexi and Brennon left on Sunday morning. It was wonderful to have them around for a couple days.

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Brennon Bowen said...

I guess I can understand why Emmy was so hesitant with me! In the picture where Emmy is in the dumptruck and I'm all bug eyed I look like the creepy uncle !