Sunday, October 16, 2011

First Stop

We recently returned from a trip to Boise, ID to visit Nate's grandparents. Apparently there are a couple ways to get to Boise from Las Vegas, going through Salt Lake being the longer way, but I'll take a couple extra hours in the car to be able to see this group any day! We spent an evening and a night in Orem and after spending some time at my Aunt Robin's (which is like a second home to me) we all headed to dinner at Zupa's. 
Emmy was surprisingly well behaved. 
I just love the unique feeling of coming "home" that can only be experienced by living away.
Before continuing onto Salt Lake, we stopped at my grandparent's on Sunday morning. Excuse me for being  nostalgic again, but I felt flooded with memories during our visit. A part of me wanted to go through and take pictures of their whole house because I spent so much time there. We even lived there for a short time while our house was being built.
One of my favorite things about my grandpa is his hearty laugh. It's the first thing out of his mouth after saying hello. He and my grandma have a lot of singing flower pots, and they let Jansen and Natalie each take one home.


Bethany said...

A.) I'm jealous that you went to Zupas. So very very very VERY jealous. I ADORE Zupas.

And B.) You must have been within a mere few miles of our house. And that's too close not to even see your favorite Weed family... ;)

Annie said...

Get ready for LOTS of more trips to Boise!

Kami said...

So glad I got to see you in your brief stop. What's a singing pot?

Jessi said...

I hate that I NEVER see you guys when you are here! But I love the pictures! I'm glad you got to see everyone! Love you guys!