Sunday, October 30, 2011


I had an AHA! moment today. Quite honestly, I think it was something I read here , and it's just now making its way to the front of my brain. Or whatever part of my brain is in charge of this type of information.

 I can spend the morning cleaning the house and you really wouldn't know it. I think this is a just a phase of life, and I have to accept that my house will be kind of chaotic and messy 90% of the time. I think of a little sign/plaque I saw once that reads: EXCUSE THE MESS, BUT WE LIVE HERE. I found something though that gives me a sense of accomplishment, and it leaves me feeling less hopeless about the crumbs and toys. When I am feeling like the house is in disarray, I am going to just focus on the dishes...empty the sink completely, and then scrub the sink till it shines. It feels so good to do that. And if I accomplish nothing else that day, I will just go over and look at my empty, shiny sink. Sounds silly, sounds simple, but it's was a wonderful moment for me today as I discovered this little trick.

Jansen has started a blog. If you need a good laugh, head here:

And a few little pictures that I'm just going to throw in. 
Emmy thinks it's time to get out of the tub. Dad does not.
Emmy is at such a sweet and innocent age. No tantrums yet, and not a lot of naughtiness. She can now say "ball" and doggy" and "wa wa wa wa" which means Wild, Wild, Wild Kratts. She is still waking up hideously   early, and my stomach hurts when I think about daylight savings time coming up. 
 Natalie went to the same pumpkin patch two times this year. Once with friends, and once on a preschool field trip.
We got some Honeycrisp apples from Washington that we have been enjoying. This actually isn't one of them. I feel like I have to point that out in case someone tries to call me on it.


Kami said...

I just got the book in the scholastic book orders. It was $1. Is that where you got it?

Kyle and Janel said...

I cannot tell you how much I love a clean sparkly sink. That and beds all made...thenI am happy amidst the chaos! :)

stevenellie said...

Thomas also says Wa wa wa wa while singing along to the the wild Kratts theme song. Have your kids started watching animal plant? Peter will watch a little if they showing a documentary like show on wild animals.