Thursday, September 29, 2011

Words and Some Pictures

I feel like I am in a comfortable and fun stage of life right now. Emmy is an absolute handful, but not the kind that stresses me out to the breaking point. I went and saw a friend last night with her newborn. Now THAT stresses me out. Just looking at her precious little boy gave me anxiety. Funny thing is, it still made me want one. But OHHHHH not yet. I can feel myself growing as a mother, and I am thankful for that. I am getting better at deciding what is important to me, and what I will let fall to the wayside because it is not MOST important. Sometimes it's hard to let those things go (kids hair looking perfect, spotless floor, etc) but it also feels wonderful. A friend told me about a talk she had heard about being your own kind of best mom. The kind YOUR kids need. I am trying to do that more. Be my own best kind of mom and not worry about what I'm not.

Emmy loves to wear my bracelets and necklaces and bags.
 And oh how she loves the fridge and freezer. She makes a beeline for them whenever they are open. I can't help but let her hang out in there for a minute since she works so hard to get over there in time. Plus it's hot!
 Just a photo of a haircut Jansen got recently. I had trimmed his sideburns a few days ago (which Nate has since banned me from ever doing again and rightfully so). 


Tina said...

Jess. I love that. To be your own best mom! I need to work harder at that and stop comparing myself to others and getting down on myself for what I'm not doing that other moms are doing. Wow! Love it! Thanks for posting that.

Kami said...

I love that picture of Jansen... haha! It looks like he's doing a sexy pose.