Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jansen's Birthday

Well, he's six! Jansen thought he wanted to wait till after school and after dad got home to open his presents, but he changed his mind pretty quickly the morning of his birthday. His choices for breakfast and dinner were originally Cheerios and macaroni and cheese. Obviously food is not a huge priority for him right now. We eventually settled on banana bread and apple juice in the morning and pancakes for dinner. 
I tried my idea of letting Jansen choose a dessert for his birthday. He pretty much wanted the first thing he saw on the computer screen, an ice cream cake. Chocolate cake with mint chocolate chip ice cream. I lucked out and had a number six candle back from Nate's 26th birthday that I put on at the last minute.
I enjoy this age for sure. Much less stressful to me than an infant or toddler. I wanted to include this picture because Jansen has started doing extra jobs sometimes for money. I thought he looked so cute in this one.
Another random picture, but I snapped this one of him to remember how he likes to play Battleship right now. 
When I took Jansen in for his well visit at the doctor's, we found out he is in about the 10th percentile for his age. Not that that is a huge surprise, but we are trying to fatten him up now. I guess it's a stage, but he is becoming a more picky eater much to my dismay. He loves Hero Factory, jets, playing Angry Birds, Legos, reading about air warfare, the show Wild Kratts, listening to his iTunes songs, riding his bike, and playing pretend with Natalie. Sometimes he seems so old, but then I will hear him pretending to be a cheetah with Natalie and I know that he will still be my little boy for a few more years.

He can tie his own shoes. He finally started taking showers. He has the 13th Article of Faith memorized. One of his biggest struggles is using a nice voice. He can get pretty nasty at times. Right now the mattress is off his bed (it's the wing of his airplane) and he is sleeping right on the hard, flat wood base of the bed. He does not want it any other way and is sleeping great, so I just have to shrug my shoulders. He doesn't complain too much, but he doesn't like going to church because there are  too many other fun things he would rather be doing. He seems to be enjoying school, but his lunch bag is coming home too full for my liking. I assume he just wants to get out to recess. I love him to pieces and know this is going to be a great year.


Kami said...

Wow J! That cake looks amazing and so yummy! I love that you gave Jansen Battleship! That is so perfect for him.

Monica said...

Happy birthday, Jansen! I agree.. that cake looks amazing. And.. I am so going to have to get Aiden battleship game for Christmas. He would love it! Jansen is such a cute and smart little guy. We miss him!

Kendra said...

Yummy Cake. I need to try battleship for Talmage. Our boys would be best of friends, T loves listening to his itunes songs, legos and angry birds. One of these days I am just going to come and see you. {My husbands most likely won't be coming there anymore, they are sending him to northern Utah in October}

Annie said...

Oh Happy Birthday cute Jasen! Can you believe he is six!? He is such a funny and brilliant little guy. We wish that we could be with you to celebrate. We sure do miss all of you.

Todd and Rikki Smith said...

Happy Birthday Jansen! Jansen is the smartest little boy I know..seriously. He says some pretty funny stuff. And that cake really looks tasty! Good job!