Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We Went to School

First off, I wanted to record something Jansen said at the meet and greet last Friday. We found his classroom and had introduced ourselves to his teacher, Ms. Roach. Jansen was looking all around the classroom, and after spotting a word wall he said to me, "One of my favorite words is up there!"
Ms. Roach overheard and asked, "Oh? Which one?"
"Destroy," Jansen answered.
She said, "Oh yeah, we try not to do a lot of that huh."
I just laughed and hopefully she will find out quickly that he is not going to be a destructive first grader.

School doesn't start until 9:00 this year, so we had PLENTY of time to get ready and get going this morning. 
I just love wondering what little thoughts are going through his head when he poses. I know he has a specific idea in mind, like, I bet this will make me look really strong.
We gathered kids and moms along the way and made our trek to school. Very hot day.

My favorite moment from the first day of school: I'm getting ready to leave and Jansen is lined up and waiting patiently at the dot assigned to his teacher. As I start to walk away he says, "Mom, I'll share!"
"Ok!" I yelled back. And then I realized I had no idea what he was referring to. "Share what???" I asked.
"My crayons! I'll share my crayons!" he called back to me.
Oh how that tugged at my heart strings. Such a sweet thing to say.
He looks a little nervous here, but at this point he said he was actually pretty excited. Thank goodness.

All the moms and stroller bound monkeys.
In the last few weeks, each time I have thought about Jansen going to first grade, my stomach has done a flip. Having to pack him a lunch REALLY weirded me out and made me sad. He's supposed to be eating a sandwich on his blue plate at the counter watching Wild Kratts with me! It's been hard. And at the same time, I feel good about things. It's going to be a fun year.


Anonymous said...

He looks so adorable! It is so hard to send them off into the world. That is a very formidable line up of moms! See ya soon.

Annie said...

Look at him looking so old. It seems like only yesterday he was like 10 months toddling around the church when I first met you. Now he is old and picking out words like destroy. It goes too fast. I hope he loves every minute of school.

Sarah Lunt said...

You are such a great mom! His last words to you before school are, "Mom, I'll share." - just made me tear up. So sweet...can he marry Kate? She's a year older but it won't matter by the time they are in their 20s! Cute post, I just love your family!

Britt said...

Has he made a comment yet about his teacher's name? I'll be waiting...

Lindsey said...

I bet you can feel my pain sweating to death taking Jordan too and from school. It is soooo HOT. Your lucky you got Jansen home for lunch for kindergarten. It's all day here so she's already packing up her (Hello Kitty) lunchbox. Sniff, sniff.