Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Days

They built a Michael's close to our house and that makes me so happy. There are always a few things I need from there, and I hated the drive and location of the other one. If we have no plans for the day (all too often), I usually look up a project for the kids and work on that to stay busy. This was the project I choose a few days ago:
Of course things never really turn out the way you envision them. :)
And now the "transports" keep getting moved from room to room in the house...since they don't really belong anywhere...the plan is to wait a few more days till the kids forget about them and toss them. Not because they weren't fun and worth it, but I just can't keep all that kind of stuff!
A little cottage cheese never hurt anyone. Not even Emmy.
And dang that Wild Kratts show. My kids LOVE IT. But that means we end up building dams in the family room. Behold the beaver dam.


Monica said...

I swear, you always have the BEST ideas!!! I am so copying that craft. My kids will be in heaven. Also, my kids too love Wild Kratts!! It is their fav show right now!

stevenellie said...

My kids love wild kratts too. I think they've seen each show 10 times. It comes on at 5pm here so I make dinner while they watch Here's a craft idea we did base on the show. Using melty beads on a circle shape base we made creature power disks.