Monday, July 18, 2011

10 Month Stuff

You know, Emmy was a tough baby. But she has been so healthy. One runny nose, that's it. A couple minor diaper rashes. No ear infections. No coughs. Nothing. You win some, you lose some. We sure won in the health category. 

At 10 months Emmy is standing for a few seconds. She loves to push her highchair around the kitchen and can walk when she has something to push. 

She takes a morning nap at 9 and another at 1. Still goes to bed around 7 and wakes up at 5 to have a bottle (just a bad habit that I haven't the heart to break right now) and is up for good about 6:15. The kids love to go see her when she wakes up and sometimes all 3 of them are in her crib at once.

She does that thing that it seems all babies do where they scrunch up their nose and breathe in and out noisily.

Some favorite foods right now are grapefruits, strawberries, prunes (yes), and cinnamon toast. She rips her bib off and I have no idea how to make her wear it. She also does not last long in her highchair before she is screaming to get out. To buy some time I will put a handful of Sonic ice on their to keep her occupied.

She loves our backyard. If she sees the kids out there, it's all over. She MUST join them. She loves to just hang out on the cement and suck on dirty sponges. 

I can never tell if she knows what she is saying or not, but she says mamamama and dadadadada a lot.

I still haven't put any gates up. Mostly I'm just lazy and I just prefer to keep a close eye on her. She knows not to go down, but I can see her trying it just once and taking a tumble.

She loves outlets and I am constantly moving her from them or unplugging things.

She is a squirmy worm for sure during diaper changes. A lot of times I will just do it while she's standing up.

She loves to drink from water bottles. And she likes it cold. She looks so stunned when she gets it in her mouth, but then she wants more.

She is all over the place in the bathtub. She crawls all over and pulls herself up and tried to steal Natalie's toys.

Nate and I decided that she does not hold still ever unless she is asleep. 

She loves baby dolls. Natalie wasn't like that, so this is new for me. It's adorable.

She has 5 teeth. 


Anonymous said...

I like the new summer look, no shirt just stickers on her little boobies (see video). You hated bibs too, so you ate mostley in the buff. As always, thanks for the updates.

Melinda said...

I like your calm imploring for Nate to help her when she put the huge chunk in her mouth. And his reply, "She's fine." That's me and Ben too. :) Emmy sure is a cutie. I'm positive she and Sammi would be friends.

Becca Nelson said...

My kids just watched the little video FIVE times :) Haha, so cute. Emmy is a doll, and I just LOVE Jansens laughing in the background. Too cute! What a fun little update on your cute little girl! I need to start doing monthly posts for Marlee!