Sunday, June 26, 2011

Two's Company

I keep hearing people say how busy their summers are. Or how excited they are to do nothing all day. I cannot relate to either of these statements. So far summer feels like a lot of reeeeeally long days, and we don't have any big summer trips planned. I have always been a clock watcher. Ready to move on to the next activity. I remember babysitting and watching the minutes tick by till I would be done. Sitting in class at school...every job I've worked...time seems to crawl for me. And as a stay at home mom, I think I have reached my pinnacle of living through some slow days. I have PLENTY to keep me busy and happy at home, but 90% of it cannot really be done with children.

I am working on changing, because I think I can and I know I need to. I am really trying to live in the moment and to find ways to stay busy with the kids. I can feel myself making some strides and it feels great. 

SO. I was more than thrilled to have my mom and sister come and add some excitement to our days. We went down and watched the Bellagio fountain show, had gelato, and saw the world's largest chocolate fountain one day.
Someday this hair will be tamed. 

On another day we visited the Natural History Museum. I was pleasantly surprised by it, and decided to buy a membership so that we can come back a lot this summer.
One of my favorite nights was getting Chinese and watching True Grit.
The last night of their visit, my mom, Lexi, and I went to a shopping district and had dinner at Brio. Since we were willing to sit outside we were seated immediately and I loved sitting back and chatting with them. The dinner/shopping combo has got to be my favorite way to spend time! 
This didn't happen on the trip, but my sister sent me these texts the other day:
ew i'm laying out in mom's backyard, a bird flew down, landed on my head, and got stuck in my hair. traumatized.
And then a few minutes later:
ew ew ew Oh my gosh, not even kidding it just landed on me again! never going outside again.
I hadn't laughed that hard in a long time.
I had to include this shot of Emmy's hair blowing wild. Las Vegas is actually a very windy place. I had no idea before I moved here. 


Annie said...

Why did we never get chinese here? I didn't even know you liked it. Anyways I'm so glad you had such fun with your visitors. Visitors make the world go round and time fly fast.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good time. By the way, Saturday Lexi and I were sitting on the patio and that bird was on the fence just glaring at Lexi. It's so funny. It has it out for her for some reason. I'm pretty sure it has a nest in that big bush.

lexihb said...

Trust mom to side with the bird....... This trip was so fun, I'm exctited to see you guys again this weekend!