Tuesday, May 3, 2011

World's Best Pajamas

Daddy's old shirts have got to be the best pajamas in the world.

I wore them to bed.

Nate wore them to bed.

Now our children are wearing them to bed.
I made Nate let me take a picture of this. Natalie sneezed with a mouth full of food and sprayed rice all over his back. I sure thought it was funny.


kiki comin said...

GROSS! poor nate...it stinks having a wife who is dedicated to her blog (and taking pictures to put on it.):)

Anonymous said...

We have to take life's little pleasures as they happen.

Anonymous said...

Oh god...Well that's parenthood isn't it? This reminds me of my family's last Christmas. I bought our kids footie pajamas for Christmas and as a gag gift my husband bought me these as a gag gift and got himself a pair for men so we could take a frumpy Christmas morning photo. I'm still in stitches haha. Thanks for the memory, great post :) The kids look adorable!