Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We love it here

This is Nate.  Shhhh.... I am currently trespassing on sacred ground....Jessica's blog.  I just had to throw in my own 2 cents.  It's the relationships that you make in each place you live that either make or break your experience there.  Our Ohio experience was incredible in that regard. We miss our friends in Ohio like crazy.  But we have made so many fun and enriching friendships here too. We are so grateful for the ward we live in and the people who have served us and welcomed us into their/your lives here.  We have absolutely loved it here in NLV.  Even got to continue/renew some prior friendships from Ohio/BYU/Washington!  I know it's going to be so tough to leave here in a couple yrs.  Jessica's home.  Gotta go.  Here is a picture (which I took) of a Phainopepla, a bird that lives here.  We love the birds here too.  Even though I neglect them due to work, the birds and I still have a great relationship.


Michelle said...

Love the bird pic! And, I couldn't agree more with what you said about the relationships that you build either making or breaking every new experience. :)

Anonymous said...

You need to sneak on more often. Becca

Franstuff said...

Just wondering if you ever took any pictures of your darling in that darling basketall suit? I found your thank you on her blog. I just couldn't believe how AMAZING it is!!