Thursday, May 5, 2011

Glad That's Over

We had our home re-plumbed a couple weeks ago. We didn't have to pay anything...the cost was covered because of a settlement concerning the homes in this area and the pipes that were installed when they were originally built. Apparently they were the wrong ones. Hate to be the guy that placed that order. I've made mistakes in my life for sure. Thankfully they had nothing to do with the plumbing of 2700 homes.
 It was a pain. Our house was finished in 3 days though...the fastest of any I'd heard of. The water was turned off for awhile a couple of the days and we couldn't use the washer/dryer or dishwasher for the 3 days. Wait a minute! A legitimate excuse to not do dishes or the laundry?! What am I complaining about???

I tried to just stay out of their way, so I would come home to let little rugrat nap and then we would leave again for our made up errands. Or go to the park for the 3rd time that day. Or go use a neighbor's toilet.
The men working in our home were very nice and polite. I think they were Bulgarian. But we had some awkward moments. It's so so awful when you finally have to end a conversation with, "I'm sorry. I just can't understand what you're saying."

Then there was the time that Jansen and Natalie were sitting at the bar in the kitchen while one of the men worked nearby. Jansen calls out to me, "MOM! Is it okay to talk to strangers if you are here? Can I talk to strangers if we are in our house?" I knew where this was going and wanted to avoid it, so I mumbled something and Jansen and I talked back and forth pretty incoherently until he gave up.
Well, it's finished. Like the title says, so glad that's over.


The Nye's said...

What a pain! I'm glad it's over...and I'm glad that they were polite men. Remind me to tell you about the crazy guy who did our drywall in our basement...

Britt said...

What grief! Glad you didn't have to pay anything for it and hopefully they did all the prep and all the clean up. By the way, Jansen's question seems to me to have been quite appropriate and legitimate at the time it was being asked. Thanks for the laugh on that one.

Leavitt Family said...

So is it okay to talk to strangers when you are home? I am still curious. If you don't respond I will tell you all about my LDS romance novel. Properly warned be ye.