Monday, March 28, 2011

I Think I Forget to Mention Something

I had to scroll back through my posts to see if I had blogged about Emmy turning 6 months. I hadn't...and so here she is 6 months and 10 days old. I am liking 6 months. She spends a lot of time on my hip as I do stuff around the house and her two-teeth grin continues to brighten our days. The hair is a little slow coming in...the slowest of the kids. And I really can't tell what color it's going to be.
Jansen tells me all the time how much fun it is to have Emmy. Natalie usually wakes up in the morning and runs into my room saying, "Emmy! Emmy! Emmy!"
She can sit up on her own and really seems to enjoy that. She has started rolling around more in her bed, so sometimes I find her on her tummy, sometimes her back, sometimes her side.
This is Jansen around 6 months:
And Natalie around 6 months:


Kara said...

Could her eyes be any bigger and brighter and cuter?! She is getting so big!!!

Meggin said...

Funny how much Jansen and Natalie at 6 months look exactly like they do now!

Laraine said...

Emmy is adorable! I can see lots of personality in that darling face...and those incredible eyes!
What a darling family you have.

Anonymous said...

It must be fun to be around such cuteness all day. Everytime I look at those pictures I just crack up. I think that's one of my favorite ages.

David and Kristi Gailey said...

She is so adorable! I think she looks more like Jansen than Natalie. I love comparing baby pictures. So cute!