Sunday, February 6, 2011

Perfect Night

I had one of those perfect nights a little over a week ago. Here's what makes a perfect night:

-Kami here visiting
-Kids in bed
-Cherry Coke Slurpee
-Other treats
-Magazine of choice
-Snuggled in bed 

Just writing about it makes me long for it!

While Kami was visiting we also went shopping. Of course. The first time we took this picture we accidentally took it in front of a Victoria's Secret store. Yeah, we had to have a do-over.
Bought these for a dollar. We'll see if any of us ever actually wear it.
***Written by Jansen
                                      again emmy and kami ar together/eachother having fun!
Nate worked Sunday morning so it was soooo nice to have someone help me get to 9 o clock church.
I think I'll go have a Pretend Perfect Night. Popcorn and OJ this time.


kiki comin said...

love perfect nights. glad you are having some.:)

Anonymous said...

Keep the Jansen bloggin coming. Makes my day.

Kami said...

We are so the bestest friends ever. I miss you lots too. I wish we could have coke slurpees and treats every weekend. Love you. Miss you. BFF.

Kami said...

Also, I will TOTALLY wear the Las Vegas Best Friends Bracelet! For you to even suggest otherwise...