Thursday, December 30, 2010

When Christmas Comes to Town

Serving up miniature dogs on Christmas Eve since 2010.
As I previously lamented, Nate worked Christmas Day so the fam came here. I miss them so much, but I was telling Nate the other night that living away from them makes it such a treat when they come to visit. 
Dem Boyz...oops and Dem Emmy
Jansen HATED his pajamas. The issue really boiled to the fact that it was not a toy. And he also said he hated the raccoon on them...because it didn't look like a real raccoon. I mean who has even seen a real raccoon!!! They are far too sneaky. Thankfully he will still wear them.
Since we never actually got around to making real cookies for Santa, Natalie insisted on drawing him a picture of one. With lots and lots of M&Ms.
This is a great Christmas morning picture...Jansen's reaction to each present was so fun to listen to. "Oh my gosh! This is is sooooo great!"
One of his gifts was this Lego plane. It took him hours to put together, but he did it all by himself.
Not really sure what to say about this, but some of you will enjoy it immensely. Jansen singing a song for us on Christmas Eve. It's entitled "Christmas Dynamite," and I think it proves that Jansen understands the true meaning of Christmas. Think of it as my gift to all of you.


Bethany said...

Oh my goodness, Christmas Dynamite is a chart topping hit in my book! Fantastic. Also, completely like Nathan. Seriously, I think we are raising some very similar spirits.

Heather said...

Awesome! Loved the first caption - is that one of those dogs that barks and flips? Cuz that will be the only kind we get around here. Sorry Nate had to work. So glad your family could come. And thanks for my Christmas gift - Jansen's song was incredible.

cheeks said...

Honestly, i can't say that i've ever heard "Jesus" and "dynamite" put together so well in a sentence :) he's so cute! glad you had a great Christmas!

Leavitt Family said...

Best. Song. Ever!!

Monica said...

So cute. Love the PJs. Jansen is so funny. That cracks me up about the raccoons. So, we were driving in the car tonight and Sofie said, "I'm going to go to Natalie's house tomorrow, Mom."

Shane's Angie said...

Christmas Dynamite is now on my playlist. Medium I want to hear it even louder!

I could just eat him up. With M&M's on top. Real ones. Though I did enjoy the paper ones too :) Oooh, and the creepy picture of Natalie made me giggle and lock my windows...all at the same time.

BTW, Evie doesn't appreciate horse shirts that don't look like horses, so she understands the racoon issues.

Kami said...

Oh my gosh! Loved that song and how it ended! HaI I honestly can't stop laughing right now. Oh man.